Walmart will no longer have Cosmo at the check out

When I first heard the news this morning that Walmart would no longer have Cosmopolitan magazines at the check out I was like BUT HOW WILL I TAKE THOSE POINTLESS QUIZZES WHILE I WAIT TO CASH OUT?!

Then, I thought about it.... and most of those quizzes have to do with things that you're doing in the bedroom, and I get it. They're not the most appropriate things ever for families with kids to see while cashing out... especially since they're at eye level for a lot of the little ones. 

I think women should absolutely be able to express themselves sexually like these magazines suggest, but it's a little much for kids to see while picking out what candy they're getting as a treat for not driving their parents absolutely bananas while shopping. From what I've read, Walmart won't be getting rid of the magazines all together, it's just that they won't be as easy to spot (since obviously everyone in the story has to use the cash registers if they're purchasing something.... or should be anyways!).

What do you think about Walmart's decision?



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