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The "Roseanne" reboot... are you in?

I didn't watch "Roseanne" when it was new on TV, but I loved watching the reruns on Nick at Nite and other channels. I was so excited for the reboot, and overall... I'll give it a 7/10.

I couldn't stand Darlene on the show years ago, but I really like where they've went with her character. She's an understanding mom who is trying to start over after divorcing her husband (Johnny Galecki wasn't in the episodes last night, but he will eventually show up). Her daughter is your typical teenager (so far), but her 9-year-old son, Mark (named after Becky's late husband... if you don't remember, the actor who played him, Glenn Quinn, died in real life from an accidental heroin overdose), enjoys wearing girls' clothing. Darlene is extremely supportive of her son's decision to express himself however he chooses, and I really like that they showed this on the show. The scene where Mark tells his mom, Darlene, that no one at school wanted to play with him broke my heart, but her advice was fantastic.  

It was also interesting to see her dad, Dan (John Goodman), and his reaction to his grandson not wearing traditional boys' clothes. Knowing his character, it would have been extremely forced for him to be accepting of it from the start, so I'm glad that they had him being skeptical and against it all together. However at the end, when he gives him that big hug and they play basketball together, it warmed my heart. 

Sarah Chalke is my favorite Becky, so I'm happy that they at least still included her on the show with a different character. Lecy Goranson, aka the O.G. Becky, annoyed me throughout the whole episode. Her acting wasn't great to me either. 

Jackie being a "Nasty Woman" made me laugh. She played into the stereotype very well, and I loved her just as much as I did on the original series. She's just so all over the place and I love it.

Dan & Roseanne are one of my favorite couples of all time. The way they kinda brushed off the whole Dan dying thing was fantastic. The show wouldn't have been the same if they didn't have him for the reboot in some way. I also liked how Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Regardless of your political views, it wouldn't have seemed right if she was on Team Hilary. There was a lot of back & forth with that, and I just hope it's not too much as they go forward because it will get old pretty quickly (again, regardless of which side she or the rest of the family is on). The way the Conner couple bounces off of each other on the reboot will give you the happy feels if you loved the original series like I did.

Overall, I enjoyed watching both episodes last night, but some of the acting was a little off to me (again, primarily Becky). It also seemed a little rushed at times, like they were trying to push too many storylines on us at once. I will definitely continue watching, especially since the season finale of "This Is Us" was the other day, and "9-1-1" as well (which for the record... is not a great show. I don't know why I keep watching, but I do. Peter Krause... you're better than that). 

What did you think of the first couple of episodes???

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