Where the butter lamb came from

Ok so I won't go into the entire history of the butter lamb (you can get more info here), but I will tell you who gave it it's popularity back in the 1960s.... and that's my hometown, Buffalo, New York. If you want to get real hardcore about it, Malczewski inside the Broadway Market there is the place to go for them. 

I have traveled around the country for work, and depending on where I'm at, people think I'm absolutely nuts when I bring up the butter lamb. I worked in Albany, NY for 5 years, which is a little less than 5 hours from Buffalo, and people hadn't heard of it there.

My husband always jokes that whenever we go to visit our family & friends in Western New York, we gain anywhere between 5-10 pounds during our stay (#noregrets). You probably knew prior to reading this how Buffalo is known for it's wings (we call them wings, not Buffalo Wings BTW).... and now you know we're known for butter lambs. Is our food healthy? No. But damn it, it's delicious.

I was so happy to see that the butter lamb is well known and loved here in Wisconsin. Personally, I always feel bad cutting into the little guy.... same with those bunny cakes too made with the coconut shavings this time of year. 

And if you're like, "YEA OK QUINN, SURE BUFFALO IS KNOWN FOR IT".... check out Milwaukee Record backing me up on my Buffaloving'ness (new word, just go with it).

Do you have your butter lamb for this weekend? Where do you go for them?



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