The most popular Jelly Bean flavor in Wisconsin

This Sunday is Easter, aka the third best candy Holiday of the year!

  • 1st - Obviously Halloween
  • 2nd - Valentine's Day
  • Honorable Mention: Christmas

Personally, my favorite Easter candy is the Reese's peanut butter eggs (so. much. PB.), but I think the most popular treats for this Holiday are Peeps and Jelly Beans (not necessarily the favorites, but definitely the first ones you think of this time of year).

I found this info from on each state's favorite flavor of Jelly Bean, and I love Wisconsin's favorite... Watermelon! YUM! First runner up was Juicy Pear (again, YUM!), and third place went to Cotton Candy.

Overall for the country though, we have a new #1. Last year it was Black Licorice (and might I say... EW), and this year, the top spot belongs to Butter Popcorn.

If you're a big Jelly Bean fan and Easter just won't be enough for you to truly celebrate your love, then I have great news for you... April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day this year so GET CRAZY!



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