Egg gender reveal didn't go as planned for this couple

Gender Reveal Parties have gained a ton of popularity over the past few years. I remember the first one that I went to was for my friend Kate, who was having twins! We all got to weigh in on what we thought the gender(s) would be (btw no big deal but I was totally right in case you want to take me to Vegas or something for luck), and they had 2 black balloons in the living room waiting to be popped. The first when popped had blue confetti flying every where, and the second was an explosion of pink.

This one though is so flipping creative, and Jimmy Fallon influenced it all with his Egg Russian Roulette game on his show! It got down to the nitty gritty, and if I was one of them... I would have been SO stressed out. The ending is pretty funny however!



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