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My Wine & Origami Night... and how to make the cutest cat!

My friend Katelyn lives to throw parties or just simple girl nights. One day, she decided she wanted to mix it up when it came to our ladies hang outs, and suggested we get our craft on.

The first time I went, it was to paint plant pots. I had already decided on my way there that I was not going to do that, and that I would drown myself in dips and wine instead. As soon as we started though, I changed my ways because it was SO flipping relaxing. It was a nice time to unplug and focus on something that wasn't work or social media related.

Last night, we did some origami, which again... I told myself there was no way I would be doing that, and that I would just inhale the bomb spinach artichoke dip I made (not to brag... but it really is bomb.... and it will be on tomorrow's blog for all to enjoy in their own homes) and the bottle of basic chick rose I bought. 

So here we are again.... me admitting that I was totally wrong. It was so much fun, and I think I created the most creatures out of our group!

First up, because I'm a child, I made this brachiosaurus (which technically I think is like a brontosaurus now or something but that's for another time). And, because I'm a little extra, I used gold. This one was the easiest of the 3 I made.

Next, because I'm a crazy cat lady (my cats have an Instagram so if you like maybe sorta want to follow them, they're SharkAndWilde), I made this adorable little kitty! Don't tell Goldasaurus above, but this feline was my favorite to make. There's video below on how to make it yourself!

Last but not least, since Easter is right around the corner, I decided to end this wild & crazy night by making a bunny. He's a little lopsided.... probably due to that rose.

So there ya go! Hopefully it's some fun inspiration for your next girls' night, or maybe a creative day with your kids. Let me know if you decide to make any other little animals too! There's a TON on Pinterest for you to try.... happy folding!

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