New Starbucks Frappuccino is coming this Thursday!

I'm usually a sucker for Starbucks' new flavors when it comes to their lattes (HELLO, PUMPKIN SPICE) and their frappuccinos.

That unicorn one was gross though... can we all agree on that?

This Thursday, they're dropping a new one called the Crystal Ball (which will only be available for 4 days).... and it's rumored to be peach. GROSS (in my book, anyways).

I felt a little let down because from the picture, it looks like a Shamrock Shake... so I was thinking it would be mint flavored! And who knows... peach may not be the real flavor, but that's the word on the basic chick streets right now.

Will you try it? My favorite by far and probably always will be S'mores. So sweet & sugary, but the dental bills will be worth it.



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