I've got mixed feelings on this "Rise" TV show

Of course, last night I watched the Season 2 finale of "This Is Us" and really guys like WTF IS HAPPENING?!? HOW CAN THEY LEAVE US WITH ALL OF THOSE CLIFFHANGERS?!?

Sorry, I'm getting off track.

After the magnificent "This Is Us" finale ended, a new show, "Rise", premiered on NBC. The previews didn't really suck me in, but I figured since I was plopped on my couch comfy with cat #2, Olivia Wilde, I figured... what the heck? I've got nowhere to be.

Ted Mosby has one of those faces I just want to punch (not physically, just verbally, I guess?) so I wasn't super excited to see him in this. I have to say though... I thoroughly enjoyed Josh Radnor in this! I feel like he's much better in a more serious role, and I was digging his bearded teacher look. Auli'i Cravalho from "Moana" (I still need to watch it and get scoffed by my coworkers with kids when I say I still haven't seen it) was really good too.

I really liked how they had all different kinds of kids in it with all different ethnic backgrounds, and different sexual orientations. I loved how they handled Radnor's character asking Michael (formerly known as Margaret) what he wanted to be called. I welled up over his "Beautiful" response. That part really got to me because I think transgender people are not represented nearly enough in movies and TV shows. It's time to break through the mold and highlight all different kinds of people already.

Overall, I'll watch it again... which I didn't think I would because again, the previews didn't grab me at all. It tugged at my heart strings quite a bit. However, I did think some parts were rather clunky and didn't transition well, and other parts were over the top corny. The first example that comes to my is near the end when they were burning the props and costumes from the "Pirate" musical while singing... that was a little too much.

Did you watch it? If so, will you tune in next week?

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