Blake Shelton can wake you up every morning now!

If you're not a huge morning person, and you need a little push to get up... then look no further than Blake Shelton to help you out! And no, you won't anger Gwen Stefani by having her man in your room every morning.

Alexa now has 2 options from Blake to wake you from your slumber with your alarm. There's one option where he encourages drinking (coffee), and another more aggressive version where he basically guilt trips you for being lazy and not being awake yet.

If you have an Alexa at home and want this "Redneck" to be your alarm, find the "Reminders and Alarms" menu item in the app, pick a device, tap "alarms" and then follow this sequence: Manage alarm volume and default sound — Custom Sounds — Celebrity — Blake Shelton.

Personally, if I could pick any celebrity take wake me up, I would go with someone who has a soothing (and let's be honest, SEXY) voice like Idris Elba. 


And don't forget.... you can see Blake in the flesh at Summerfest on July 6th! Get your tickets here.



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