Our favorite cocktail in Wisconsin

The first cocktail I can remember being my "go to", was an Amaretto Sour. Now, they make me want to gag uncontrollably, but damn it... they were my favorite for my first couple of years enjoying booze.

Now, I'll go with a Tito's and soda (with lime and lemon) any day of the week. Or, of course.... a nice, refreshing mimosa with brunch.

For a ton of states, Mimosas are their favorite cocktails... and some of those include North Carolina, California, and Georgia.

But here in Wisconsin, the top cocktail for the state (according to Google), is an Old Fashioned. I can't say I've ever had one, and if you're not familiar, it consists of a sugar cube soaked in bitters, whiskey, and an orange peel.

What's your favorite cocktail???



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