Luke Bryan dishes on Katy Perry's secret stash

Luke Bryan had a pretty busy morning! Not only was he on with "Good Morning America" with Robin Roberts and crew, but he also continued his morning tour with my favorite.... Kelly flipping Ripa (oh yea and Ryan Seacrest too).

On GMA, Luke talked about how he & his "American Idol" crew crashed a wedding in Savannah, GA (where they, of course, had to play a Luke Bryan favorite), and they surprised him with cut outs of his fellow judges on set. I also love how he aired out Katy Perry's dirty laundry with how she gets hangry (GIRL I HEAR YOU... EVERY HOUR OF MY LIFE) and keeps snacks with her at all times.


Next he hung out with his "American Idol" bud, Ryan Seacrest, and his beyond perfect (my words) co-host, Kelly Ripa. Who knew that Luke used to work on a peanut farm?!? Sounds like heaven to me (maybe not the dust so much... but eating peanuts all day sounds luxurious)! And the fact that Luke had a mystery beverage that everyone else thought was coffee on the AI set with him makes me want to hang with him even more! He also went into detail on those snacks Katy Perry carries on her.


If that's not enough Luke for ya... he'll be at Country Thunder this summer, he's on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight. and he will be joining the ladies of "The View" this Friday, March 9th!



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