Jennifer Lawrence talks about her drunk alter egos

There are certain celebrities out there that just seem like they're the freaking coolest in real life. My list includes but is not limited to Tom Hanks, Emma Stone, and the ultimate BFF... Jennifer Lawrence.

J Law was on Ellen's show the other day, and they talked about her drunk alter egos... one of them being "Gail" that comes out when she drinks rum on vacation.

I died laughing over her face on the red carpet for her new movie, "Red Sparrow", too. We've all been there when we've drank a little too much, but we try to make our faces look like we aren't. Usually for me, I get more smiley than usual and I think I look super normal.... when really I look botox'ed the flip out.

Might I just add, Jennifer looks good no matter what face she's making... sometimes life isn't fair, you guys! ;) 



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