Do you tip on take out?

Tipping to me is such a grey area.... I tip when something is delivered, but I don't usually tip when I go to pick something up. Generally, it's something for just me or for my husband & I, so it's usually not a big order by any means. When I worked at a restaurant in Florida, we also did take out orders, and I never got annoyed if I wasn't tip with that. Honestly, I didn't do much because it was the cooks that would obviously make the food... I just bagged it and threw in silverware and/or condiments. 

That might not be the right answer or what you personally do, but I'm just telling you the truth when it comes to my experiences. 

This woman who worked at Outback Steakhouse was very upset because she did not receive a tip on a pick up order for $735. Now... ok.... I get where she is coming from in this situation because that is A LOT of food... which means a lot of bagging and I'm sure she had to help them take things out to the car. Here, I totally would have tipped because that's a lot more work!

However, as much as I understand her frustration, it was super unprofessional of her to take to social media and call out the customers (she actually used their name, Christ Church, but did not say where she worked). A friend online saw the post, and called Christ Church to confront them. The next time this woman went to work, they explained that she was let go due to her post, and it went against their policies.

It's a pretty crazy story, which has me asking... do you tip on take out orders usually?

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