"Saved By The Bell" lipstick is coming!

Don't pretend like you never watched "Saved By The Bell"... it's a freaking classic!

Ok, maybe classic is a littleeee too far, but I loved me some A.C. Slater back in the day.... which is kinda weird since Mario Lopez is kinda a coworker now since he has his own radio show with iHeartRadio....

But anyyyyways, I WAS SO EXCITED (sorry, I couldn't resist) to hear that "Saved By The Bell" make up is coming! With all of the reboots that we're getting on TV, at least we'll get this out of the good old gang.

Kelly's is a warm pink color, Jessie's is bronzier, and Lisa's is a plum shade (YAS LISA YAS!).

It comes out next weekend!


I know... you're now singing the theme song to yourself. Enjoy with the music below...



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