Chris Stapleton's new song with Justin Timberlake is finally here!

Justin Timberlake is my. main. squeeze.

I love that he can make music with just about everyone, and have it sound awesome. And this bromance makes my heart so so so happy.

His new album "Man of the Woods" comes out on February 2nd (2 days before the big game), and we've known that a track would be on there with Chris Stapleton.... but we didn't know that we would be getting it so soon! It's called "Say Something", and we've even got a video for it too! I especially love seeing them play guitar together... #SWOON! And the camera shots are beautiful during the whole thing.

It's definitely not the sound I was expecting with Chris involved, but I will say.... I totally dig it! 

Maybe we'll see a guest appearance from Justin on SNL this weekend when Chris is on? And maybe, fingers crossed, they'll perform it together during the Super Bowl Halftime Show!



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