This "This Is Us" theory on Jack's death is heartbreaking


Guys... I'm not gonna lie to you... I almost had to call off of work today after watching "This Is Us" this morning. 

WOW! What a gut wrenching episode right?! First of all, the foreshadowing with the dog is absolutely killing me. I'm the kind of person that would rather see the human characters in a movie die rather than the animals (remember when the horse gets ripped apart in the first episode of "The Walking Dead"? That made me almost throw the towel in for that show back then!). And I felt HORRIBLE for Audio when Kate left him behind... HOW DO YOU JUST LEAVE THAT LITTLE FACE AND NOT TAKE HIM HOME?! Luckily for Toby, she changed her mind... and all was right in the Pearson world, til we all remembered the inevitable when it comes to Jack...

Let me start this by saying that my husband thinks I am crazy for not wanting to leave appliances on or running while we aren't home... the dishwasher, the dryer, and even the Crock Pot... I just won't do it. AND LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE PROVED MY POINT (and also had me checking both of our smoke alarms in the house). Granted yes, it was a wonky old Crock Pot, but it caused the end of Jack Pearson, every woman's (or man's) dream guy.

I started reading fan theories today, and according to and a certain fan theory, Jack will go back into the house to try to rescue Kevin because he doesn't know he was staying at Sofie's (remember when Kevin called, he only talked to Rebecca about staying over at her house, and she didn't relay the message to Jack). I'm also assuming Kate's dog dies in the fire, which is going to also be soul crushing.

Unfortunately for all of us, we won't be getting any answers for another week and a half. The next episode airs after the Super Bowl on February 4th (which, by the way, is 20 years after he dies... creepy). I don't like to watch the previews before the episodes, but if you wish to, check it out below...

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