Stop trying to make "Friends" happen

People were losing their MINDS over the weekend over this "Friends" movie trailer.

First of all, it's labeled "coming in April 2018". I automatically said to myself "Oh come on... an April Fools' Joke? Too easy!" However, let's not get it twisted... I still watched it.

Second of all, why would "Chandler" and "Monica" act like complete strangers upon seeing each other?! Guys... THEY'RE MARRIED!

Third, none of them are shown together as the complete group.... at all. It's just clips from different shows they all had solo with their "Friends" co stars as guest stars ("Cougar Town" and "Episodes" are both featured). 

I sound like a Negative Nancy, and I am the complete opposite (usually)! There were just SO many holes in this one. If there is a reunion movie ever though, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be at the midnight (or whatever time they start now) screening of it!

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