Is this my dad in the OJ Simpson doc??? (VIDEO)

The hubs & I were watching "OJ: Made In America", the documentary on OJ Simpson that ESPN put together.

Being from Buffalo, NY, Jesse said that he hoped my Dad (Faja James) would randomly pop up in the documentary. He was a NYS Park Policeman who would randomly be spotted in news reports, or things concerning celebrities that he would have to escort around at Niagara Falls. (Example: An old professor of mine at Buffalo State College took a picture with his family and Patrick Kane & the Stanley Cup when my dad was taking Kane around the Falls after the Blackhawks won... my dad was spotted awkwardly in the background in their family Christmas card the following year).

Here's what my dad looked like on his Honeymoon with my mom in 1983.

And this clip is of OJ Simpson for the last time in the parking lot of Rich Stadium (where the Bills play) in 1977. A 6 year difference, but guys don't change that much.... so could it be him?!?


Bonus footage:

Here's my dad having an awkward smile while getting caught in my professor's Christmas card.... and below that, him being a big star getting interview by my friend at a local news station.



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