Video: Boat Made of White Claw Cans And Boxes

The “S.S. Clawdia” was created by a famous Youtuber. It took 3 months and load of hot glue.

Tyler Hancock shared a video of the construction of the most "basic" vessel to ever hit the open seas. Comparing himself to Shakespeare with the timeless "art" that he has created, using only cans of from the nectar of the God's (according to basic white girls), White Claw..... and it even floats.

It took 273 cans of White Claw and over 400 sticks of hot glue according to Hancock, who spent the last 3 month building this glorious ship.

To really capture the vibe, he also dressed his dogs as pirates and had them floating around the pool. SPOILER ALERT: this ends much like the Titanic did!

Take this as motivation for creativity this week. What can you waste days, upon days doing that will have so practical use or reason? Now go... change the world with Miller light boxes... or skoal cans.

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