New Russian "Booty Slapping" Competition Is Becoming All The Rage


The ladies took a page from the very popular men's sport over seas "Slapping Contest". The women's "Booty Slap" contest is a little more cheeky. This may be my new favorite sport.

Women compete in slapping each others butts to try and get the other to submit or step forward from the smack, all in an effort to win the Yashankin Cup.

This is a competition that many train very hard for as super fit models to withstand the brutal smacks from competitors, according to the Daily Mail. It's held next to the male competitions that involve physical assault in a Siberian Power Show. It's all a bit odd and yet oh so fascinating. Anastasia Zolotaya is a pretty fierce competitor that many feel is an elite "athlete" in this sport.


I think I may have found my new favorite sport... I mean I am a butt man soo.....



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