Strange Alien Like Creature Caught On Surveillance Has People Freaking Out


Watching this video will give you the creeps. A very strange looking animal or "alien" type creature walking on two legs was caught on a woman's home surveillance camera. So far no one can identify it, but many Harry Potter fans have an idea.

There is a character in Harry Potter named "Dobby" with elf like ears and long linky legs and arms just like this odd figure walking through the camera frame and down someone's driveway. Many fans are joking about it being the real life Dobby on twitter.


Others are just completely freaked out that something like this may exists and no one has an answer for what it is!?


There are speculations about it being completely fake as well. There is a Harry Potter Go game coming out that is very similar to the Pokemon Go game. Some think this is a viral marketing campaign. I guess it remains to be seen. Until then... I will just be locking my doors and hiring armed security. This isn't something I wanna run into when I walk out into my driveway at night.....EVER! I'm good!


Kind of looks like Squidward to me! No?



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