Semi Carrying 40-Thousand Pounds Of Bees Tipped Over In Montana


BEEESS.... EVERYWHERE!! It was thing of nightmares for some people when swarms of bees got loose after a semi accident in Montana yesterday.

A Montana fire chief says a semi truck that crashed yesterday was carrying around 40-thousand pound of bees. The truck flipped on a road near Bozeman, on its way from California to North Dakota with its cargo, which could have been up to 200 million bees.

No one was hurt but firefighters had to approach the wreck in full fire gear including self-contained breathing tanks to avoid being stung. Of course one news reporter was on site with no protective gear. She said that they where swarming but she wasn't being stung by any of them. Still pretty scary for a lot of people who hate bees though!

Made me think of the Tommy Boy scene when they get pulled over and act like bees are in the car. This would be me:



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