Maren Morris.... In Playboy?


Maren Morris is at the top of her game right now. She just released a smash single called "Girl", crushed it at the CMT Awards and CMA Fest, so is Playboy the next step? She shared a topless photo in IG and hinted something was coming.

Morris is all about her "girl power" and lifting women up. We love that! To each their own, but I hope she's not actually doing a Playboy nude spread. Seems beneath her, to me, and Playboy isn't that relevant anymore. Morris did hint with her post on IG, where she is wearing some pants, boots and a cowboy hat, that something with Playboy will be out next week.

Morris has dealt with body shamers in the past on social media who think she dresses too provocative or "slutty", so maybe this is a middle finger to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shaming her in anyway, if she did do a spread. Everyone should feel comfortable in their skin and she has every right. I even have a bit of a crush on her too. She's is gorgeous to me! I just think the "nude" pics thing was overdone by the Kardashians and other celebs. We're past that right?

Either way... I'm just excited to read the article!



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