Man Opens Emergency Door On Plane Looking For Bathroom


A guy on a flight from the UK made it on the Oshow #MoronMonday list for mistaking the Emergency Exit on his plan for the bathroom! How does that even happen?!

A flight from the UK to Pakistan was grounded for hours after an elderly man opened the Emergency door trying to use the bathroom. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 702 was halted fro 7 hours when for the dumb error. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 702Police rushed on and arrested the man to question him. That's when he told them he just needed to pee and thought that was the door.

His error immediately deployed the emergency slide, according to a statement by PIA. This is why all the passengers had to be placed on another plane. Seriously though... THIS IS WHY THEY GO OVER THIS PRE-FLIGHT!




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