Georgia VHS Video Store Busted For Illegal Gambling Ring


Who would've guessed a VHS Rental store....wasn't really renting VHS tapes!? This idiot in Gwinnett County, GA used a video rental front to takes sports bets, and police caught on pretty quick.

According to WSB-2, investigators have had a hunch that a VHS rental store was housing an illegal business. REALLY? Why? Cause NO ONE RENTS VHS TAPES ANYMORE! They began watching the store in January and noticed many customers but no one ever leaving with a video tape. The store looked like a bad version of a video store with shelving and hard covers for movies on the shelves, some of which didn't even have movie covers. After sending in undercover agents, they quickly found out that the owner was taking sports bets illegally. SHOCKER!

"What one detective described to me was probably the most recent movie in there that was available to rent was an action movie from 2007," Lt. Jake Parker told WSB-2.

Police are still going through books and records to find out how much money was exchanged illegally. The owner, Boonlert Boonsawang, was arrested in the sting and is looking as some pretty rough charges. Just his names seems shady to me!

If you had hopes of grabbing Titanic tonight on VHS, you're out of luck. The shop is closed.



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