Auburn Gymnast In Horrific Accident That Went Viral Walks Down The Aisle


Remember the horrible viral video that went around where the Auburn gymnast dislocated both knees? Well, Samantha Cerio just shared pictures of her walk down the aisle!

Cerio got hitched in Fairhope, AL the other day and looked happier than ever. It was almost 2 months ago she didn't know if she'd even walk again. After suffering a horrific accident on the gymnast floor while at a tournament for Auburn University, Cerio had every thought flash through her head not knowing the severity of her scary injury. Both legs buckled at the knee and many where worried that could mean never walking again. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as it looked. She tore ligaments to shreds and dislocated her knees but the recovery time wasn't gonna ruin her wedding day.

Cerio had a major surgery to repair the damage done and just 2 months later was able to walk herself down the aisle to get married to her fiance Terry Wood on June 1st.


What an awesome site to see after having endured that injury that could've been life-altering. Cerio looked so happy on her special day in the few pictures that she shared on Instagram. They had the wedding at the Fairhope Yacth Club and it looked beautiful, as did Sam!


In case you totally missed the video that went crazy viral and you can stomach it. This is what happened during the NCAA Semi-finals tournament back in April. It's something you would never imagine happening.




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