New mac and cheese at Noodles is topped by specially made Wisconsin cheese

I've never been to Noodles & Company and not ordered the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. It's so good! Now they've come out with a new mac and cheese that is topped with specially made Wisconsin cheese from Sartori. The dish is the Ham & Gruyere Mac and it took about a year to perfect the Gruyere which was made exclusively for this dish. The ham topping features a salty smokey flavor and Sartori's Gruyere complements the ham with rich earthiness. I'm a big fan of Gruyere cheese but I don't eat ham so I'd have to get it without and hopefully it tastes just as good! The article from Sheboygan Press posted at mentions that this isn't the first time Noodles & Company and Sartori have collaborated together and with how successful this partnership has been for both parties it seems it won't be the last. I had no idea but it can take years to develop a cheese for restaurants! Click here to read more about Pam Hodgson, a master cheesemaker at Sartori and one of two women to earn the title, who led the team that created this cheese.

Image: Getty