LIST: 40 popular discontinued snack foods we really miss

I love to snack so it was great that my roommate in college and now one of my best friends always had to try the latest snack that came out. If there was a new chip or candy she'd buy it and we'd try it. Most of the time I feel like the original snack is always the best (except golden Oreos, those are way better than the original chocolate ones!) but it's fun to try new things and I imagine that's the whole point of why brands put out just a modified version or a different flavor of that original snack. 24/7 Tempo put together a list of 40 popular snack foods that are now discontinued and I remembered quite a few of them. Some I tried are listed below and the rest can be found here. Do you miss any of these and wish they were brought back?

  1. Doritos 3D's
  2. Altoids Apple Sours
  3. Butterfinger BB's
  4. Cheetos Cheesy Checkers
  5. Dunkaroos (I think these might actually be back!)
  6. Munch 'ems
  7. Yogos Bits

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