Wisconsin considering raising the minimum age for tobacco and vaping

WISN 12 News is reporting that Wisconsin lawmakers are considering raising the minimum legal age to buy tobacco and nicotine, including vaping products, from 18 to 21. Advocates at a recent public hearing event in Wisconsin called vaping a student health crisis and supporters, including high school students themselves, said raising the minimum age would help curb use among young people. Many students and faculty have spoken out about the issue including Whitefish Bay High School freshman Bryn Dresselhuys who said "I've seen quite a large amount that is troubling honestly. A lot of these kids are throwing away really big futures." Arrowhead High School Principal Gregg Wieczorek presented a box full of various e-cigarettes that had been confiscated from students commenting that he's spending too much time on the vaping problem when he should be focusing on other things.

Of course the other side of this argument has people focusing on taking away decisions from adults since they're 18 believing that would deprive adults from making their own decision on tobacco products. As of now eighteen states have approved raising the legal age to buy tobacco products. There's another unlikely supporter on the matter as well. Juul, which is one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturers announced it's support of raising the age limit on all tobacco, nicotine and vaping products. The bill still needs Legislature approval before getting to the Governor and it's not clear how long that might take. All info above is from WISN 12 News.



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