Say Goodbye to Tiny Hotel Soaps and Shampoos

If you're someone that lived off hotel shampoos and conditioners, you're going to be disappointed to learn they're going away! In order to be more environmentally friendly, InterContinental Group is eliminating the travel-sized tubes of shampoo, conditioner and bath gel from its 843,000 rooms across its global chain of hotels according to IHG which owns Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and Kimpton is one of the first major hotel chains to make the change and beginning in 2021 guests will find bulk-sized toiletries in the rooms. Also in the article it mentions IHG is removing plastic straws and is using duvet and pillow covers made with 100% recycled materials in some of its rooms. Click here to read the whole story.

This is a change I'm actually 100% ok with! My first initial thought was how does this make any sense since people will just take the bulk size items with them and that seems to be so much more expensive. Then my brain kicked in and it occurred to me that they'll probably be attached to the wall. The main reason I love this idea is because all those travel sized toiletries just went to waste if the guest didn't take them at the end of their stay! Literally what a waste! How have hotels not made this change sooner. I asked a hotel employee one time what happens to the toiletries when guests don't take them and this person confirmed that they are thrown out. I was shocked! I asked why they can't just be donated and the employee explained, making a very good point, that no one knows if they are tainted or messed with so they can't donate them. Makes sense but a major bummer you even have to worry about that. I never used to take hotel toiletries but once I learned they are just thrown out I started taking them and donating them to places myself. If you have a bunch you'd like to forward on you can donate them to Tyler's Touch which is a local organization run by a wonderful young lady!



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