Common Dreams And Their Hidden Meanings

I don't know about you but I've had some crazy dreams over the years. I've definitely had dreams where my teeth were falling out, I'm being chased, I'm falling and actually jump in bed, etc. If you've ever had any of those dreams or others similar you're probably having them for a reason. There is most likely something going on in your life causing you to have those dreams. Some of them are pretty normal and make complete sense. There are others though that really got me thinking abut what is happening in my life to make me dream about this. Take a look at this list from to see if you're having these common dreams and what it might mean if you are. Here are some that I've had but more can be found here!

  • You're being chased - might mean that you feel persecuted by one person or you're hiding from something you need to reveal
  • You're dreaming about falling - this could mean you're moving to quickly or feeling insecure
  • You're flying - this is a good one! It most likely means you're getting to your goals
  • You're unable to move or speak - this may mean that there's something in your real life you're not moving quickly enough on
  • You dream of a snake - apparently for this one it depends on whether the snake is a friend or foe. I didn't know snakes could be friends!

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