Did Aaron Rodgers Make Former Girlfriend Feel 'Worthless'?

Remember when Aaron Rodgers was dating actress Olivia Munn? That seems like forever ago now. According to msn.com, the actress was on the first episode of "Naked with Catt Sadler" and opened up about a hard breakup she went through talking about how they "had been in calm waters for a long time and then the boat capsized. When that happens and you're in any kind of abusive relationship whether emotional, physical, anything, the feeling of worthlessness is the first sign that you gotta do whatever you can to get out." She went on to talk about how she had opportunities to go on Broadway, film in Australia, etc. and because he wanted her to she turned all those down. In those hard times, like most of us, she turned to her Mom, friends, sister, etc. to get through it.

After reading through the article, which is from msn.com, I started to wonder if she was talking about Aaron Rodgers. Munn has been in high profile relationships before but one of her longest and most recent was with Aaron Rodgers. Of course I don't know Aaron but I'd like to think this wasn't about him! The article does mention that "a source closer to Munn told ET that the breakup (with Aaron) wasn't over anything specific -- they just grew apart over time." I think that helps show that Aaron Rodgers wasn't the significant other that made her feel "worthless" but you never know! What do you think? Was it about Aaron or someone else?

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