Guy Realizes He's Being Followed While On A Run

Picture this: you're out running and you feel like you're being followed so you nervously turn around to see what it is's DEER! This happened to avid runner, Jared Wein while he was out for a run the other day. According to, he happened to pass the deer grazing on some grass and the next thing he knew they were following him! He said he normally doesn't have his phone on him but luckily that day he did so he was able to capture it on video. Good thing he did otherwise I'm not sure anyone would believe him!

Our station is located in Greenfield, WI and we see tons of deer around here. I often go running on the trials in this area so I guess in the future I'll have to be on the lookout for any deer that decide they also need a little exercise! Have you experienced anything crazy while out for a walk or run?



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