Granny Pods: Elderly Parents Can Live in Your Backyard

Granny Pod is a fun new name for a tiny house basically. If you're worried about the word "Granny" being in the name, don't be! These are so cool!

Watching my Grandmas go through the process of having to leave home and live in assisted living was not easy. It was also very taxing on my parents. Although they both were happy to take care of their parents as they are/were getting older, it was really hard for them as often times it takes over your life. I know they have some amazing new assisted living homes in our area but I have to be honest, before one of my grandma's passed she was in and out of assisted living homes, rehab centers, etc. quite a bit and I was not impressed with most of them.

So many people now-a-days are taking care of their elderly parents, even having their elderly parents live with them so these Granny Pods can be a great option! It's basically a guest house in your backyard with lots of high-tech medical extras. My parents are far from needing this but I'd love to have them in my backyard when it came to that time. They'd be SO close to me but also still have their own space. I think it's a great idea! More on the idea can be found here.



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