A 'sleep divorce' could help your relationship

I don't know about you but sleep is important to me! I'm a go to bed early and get up early type of person and it's so frustrating on those nights when I can't sleep! I can't get comfortable, my brain won't stop working, etc. How about when your significant other is the one causing you to not get sleep? Maybe they snore or they radiate heat or they're tossing and turning. According to Psychology Today, a recent survey reported more than 30 percent of Americans admit that they would prefer to sleep apart from their significant other. Some couples have even tried a 'sleep divorce' which is basically sleeping in another room but on a permanent basis. Sounds pretty extreme but getting a good night sleep is so important and if that lack of sleep is really affecting your day maybe trying this sleep divorce thing isn't such a horrible idea. I'm not sure I like the 'on a permanent basis thing' so maybe try 'taking a break' and just sleeping in separate rooms on those nights where you really need your space.

You can read more on this article from The Stir.



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