Ms Fischer - Burbank Elementary School

Miss Fischer

Autism Comprehensive Unit Teacher at Burbank Elementary School

Nomination Submission:

"Ms Fisher has been a god send! Ms Fisher is a special needs teacher at Burbank. She has been my son's teacher for 2 years now. She has made such a difference in not only my sons but other autistic kids lives! Ms Fisher has gone above and beyond what is the norm. My son Dominik didn't like school and now he loves it. She makes it enjoyable and finds each kids strengths! She makes it a priority to know each child and she knows when there is something wrong or off and will contact me and we figure out how to solve it.

She is more family than a teacher. My son used to hate going to school until ms fisher entered the picture. Now he enjoys seeing her every day.

She is such a blessing and wish my son could continue having her as a teacher into high school. Thank you Ms Fisher " - S. Medinger

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