Mrs Krenz - Summit Elementary

Mrs Krenz

1st Grade Teacher at Summit Elementary School

Nomination Submissions:

"Georgie epitomizes an ideal grade teacher. Not only do her students learn a lot and at incredible rates, but they have fun and are excited about learning due to her creativity and positive energy." - B. Stuckey

"Mrs. Krenz has taught my son and 2 of my grandchildren when they were in the 1st grade. My youngest son, who is now a Sophomore at UW Madison, and my two grandchildren, now 4th grade and 2nd grade. When each of these kids were 6 years old, they were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Krenz for a 1st grade teacher. Although the time span from my youngest son and my oldest grandson was about 10 years, there was absolutely no change in Mrs. Krenz's enthusiam and dedication to the students. I am lucky enough to be able to be in the classroom on a volunteer basis on a regular basis. I have come to know all of the amazing teachers at Summit School, but having Mrs. Krenz for 3 of them was a wonderful gift. She fondly refers to the students as her "little critters" -her classroom is themed after the Mercer Mayer Little Critter books that fill her room. The students immediately bond with her. I have never EVER heard a parent say anything other than how amazing she is as a teacher. It must a combination of her many years (25+) of experience in teaching and her spunky inner child that comes together to make the perfect environment for learning. One of the best ways to describe this teacher, is to tell of an experience she had this past that nobody knew about because she kept it low key. Well, in all of the years I have know her as a teacher (10 yrs?), I have always marveled at how she just doesn't seem to age and is the picture of health. Well, last year when my granddaughter was in her class, I noticed she needed a substitute to take her class because she had a couple- maybe 3- doctor appts over the course of a month or so. Well, when she was ready to reveal why she had been, it was just another testimony of what kind of person she is....

Some months earlier, she had submitted her bone marrow sample to the blood bank, just in case she would one day be a match. Well, last year that news came to her and she- without hesitation- became a bone marrow donor to a 19 year old girl." - J. Gascon

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