Mrs Bennewitz - General Mitchell Elementary School

Mrs Bennewitz

5th Grade Teacher at General Mitchell Elementary School

Nomination Submission:

"Mrs. Bennewitz not only puts her students before herself, she goes outta her way to make sure every kids needs are met such as making sure every kid has someone to talk to. Mrs. Bennewitz also makes sure that every kid feels welcomed into school during school and also Outside of school . She had provided after school assistance with many kids and their families. She has also created and exercise group to keep kids active in the school. Called Mitchell mustaches she signs up kids do this run with her once a year. She has kept this tradition up for 5 years and has provided custom made t-shirts for every individual. She has also made incredible bonds with many of the students and parents she works with during the school year and after the school year has ended. Mrs. Bennewitz dedicates her time and interest in all of the kids she gets to know. She is determined to make an outstanding relationship between herself and all of the students and parents she works with. I am one of her students from 4th grade; I'm now in high School she makes sure that I'm always felt loved and makes sure we can still have the connection that we have made together. And all of the other students she supports with there sports and hobbies. I believe and I think everyone that has gotten to know her knows that she deserves this nomination for the fm 106.1 because of all of the effort she has put in well beyond the standers a teacher is required. And because not only is she a teacher she is a mentor and person kids can look up to and a responsible leader as well." - C. DeBerry

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