Mr Lazzari - Audubon High School

Mr. Lazzari

Social Studies Teacher at Audubon High School

Nomination Submissions:

"Mr. Lazzari is a great teacher! He helps out with all of the fights and other shenanigans. He is so patient in times when he could just explode. He knows how hard things can be outside of school and he doesn't give a lot of ignorance when he knows about it. He makes me a better student and a better leader. He gives me the strength to go another day when I don't know I can. Not only is he a great teacher, but he's a good friend. He makes things in life more understandable and less hard. I think he deserve this nomination for all the effort he puts into his job and outside of life. He is what makes Audubon great!" - D. Sota

"Mr. Lazzari deserves to be nominated because he is the most caring, generous, and mostly a very good teacher. He cares about his students like they are his own children and that is what makes him unique and so close with his students." - I. Vega

"Mr. Lazzari is an inspiration not only as a teacher but also as a peer. He is a pillar of our Restorative Practices and Circles. Restorative Practices allows students to understand their role in our community and how their actions effect our community. When students do harm, we host Circles to work through how their actions impacted the school and what they can do to make amends. Mr. Lazzari frequently gives of his time to host these Circles, because he believes in teaching our students not only to be academically successful, but to be a successful member of our community. He also works and mentors some of our most challenging students. His dedication not only makes him a beloved teacher amongst our student body, but also with our staff.

This year he also volunteered to support a Culturally Responsive Teaching Grant that we earned. This work has demanded weekends spent away across the State and extra hours outside of school. Without his help and guidance we would not be able to do this powerful work. Mr. Lazzari is key to our success!

His dedication and compassion for our students is a constant source of inspiration. He finds the energy to not only be a favorite teacher of all our students and staff, but also to be an outstanding husband and father to Brianna (12) and Andrew (9 months). Mr. Lazzari is definitely deserving of Teacher of the Year!" - E. Kaphaem

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