Mrs McClure - Westosha Central High School

Mrs McClure

Physical Education Teacher at Westosha Central High School

Nomination Submissions:

"Mrs. McClure is the best gym teacher I have ever had. Not only is she enthusiastic about her job and getting kids involved, she is always willing to talk with anyone about anything. She is more of a close friend than a teacher. That being said, she is very talented and knowledgeable in her teaching abilities. Her class is one I looked forward to and enjoyed immensely. She puts 110% into every day. She tries so hard to make gym fun and interesting." - R. Pelli

"Mrs. Mcclure has helped me with so much personally and as a educator. She has really encouraged me making me feel that i can accomplish anything if i put my mind to it. Mrs. Mcclure really deserves a reward." - I. Jaimes

"My name is F. Grams and I am sixteen years old. In my sixteen years of life I have never meet anyone like Mrs.McClure. She's always willing to help people, always there when I need to talk, and just makes my day sooo much better." - F. Grams

"Mrs. McClure is always willing to help any student whether she has them in class or not." - J. Warren

"Mrs. McClure is my favorite teacher at our school. She is good at her job (gym teacher) and is encouraging." - M. VanDamme

"Because she is amazing." - C. Bader

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