FM106.1 After Kenny Concert w/ Brandon Lay

FM106.1 After Kenny Concert featuring Brandon Lay, brought to you by AT&T

The Rave

Saturday, April 28 - Doors 9p, Show 11p

Show is FREE with a ticket. The only place to get them is from FM106.1! We'll have tickets at every FM106.1 appearance from now until the show date!

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Growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Brandon Lay lived out the songs of John Mellencamp, Alan Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. He played sports during the day, fixed up cars after school and eventually wrote down his experiences in song, telling not only his story, but the story of other kids raised in small town America."Between going to church and playing sports, there was always a lesson to be learned," says Brandon. "And country music lyrics are all about life lessons. All of that helped me figure out who I am in the world and what I wanted to do."At first, he thought his path would lead him to sports, but music won out, thanks in part to a guitar teacher who inspired him in college and the luck of where he was born – halfway between Memphis and Nashville. "Growing up in Jackson, you were hearing out of each ear: rock & roll and R&B to the west in Memphis, and country to the east in Nashville," he says. "But country is the only genre I wanted to be a part of. Being where I'm from, I understand it, and I think most Americans can relate because it is so specific. The most satisfying feeling as a songwriter is when people come up and say, 'I know exactly what you meant in that line.' Country does that like no other genre."



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