Ridder's Disney Trip

When Ridder and his wife had their son 5 years ago they set the goal of taking him to Disney for his 5th birthday. Now that 5 years have past, they did it. To top it off the kept it secret and surprised him once they got to the Magic Kingdom.

If you've been to Disney, you know how hard it is to do everything and just how massive everything is. Traveling and doing anything with young kids has it's challenges, so here is a look at some of the highlights.

As much as the trip was for Ridder's son, being the foodie he is, the family also made a day of the Epcot food and wine festival.

Ridder being a big fan of the movie CoCo, obviously had to buy plenty of merch and explore some of the CoCo exhibit in Mexico at Epcot.

Ridder even had to get a limited edition CoCo themed magic band+.

They met princesses and characters.

And rode some of the best rides!

Overall it was a fun trip with so much sunshine and magic.

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