Father's Day Fun with Shan

Can you believe I've (Shan) never been to Milwaukee Mile? I felt like such a newbie, but it was a great time going to The ARCA Menards Series for Father's Day! I grew up going to the races at Slinger Speedway quite often because it was an easy thing for our family to do. Five minutes away. Relatively cheap.

However, I went to high school right down the block from Wisconsin State Fair Park and have these vivid memories of sitting in class and hearing the race cars revving their engines and practicing once it got closer to school letting out.

Adam and I decided to take our parents to make celebrating Father's Day a little easier. He's from the Chicago-area, and I'm from Richfield, so we're close enough to celebrate with both families each holiday, but far enough to make it take the whole day and not really get to spend much time with each side. Meeting at the races gave us an opportunity to do something both of our dads like to do and make a day of it.

Growing up, we'd always bet "quarters" at the races. We did that on Sunday, too, and I came out on top for the feature race! Overall, it was a great experience and a lot of fun. The only downfall is that I forgot to put on sunscreen, so we feelin' it this week!!! Milwaukee Mile was a great place to watch a race because of the ample space and the plethora of bathrooms (coming from the girl who drank three waters and a jumbo lemonade). It's always fun to be at WI State Fair Park, and now, I'm just excited for August to come!

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