414 Highlight: Glorioso's

I (Shan) used to live right off of Brady St. in my favorite, little studio apartment. My favorite part was that I could walk pretty much EVERYWHERE. I didn't do a ton of grocery shopping at Pick 'N Save except for some of my basic necessities. The reason for that was because - I spent a lot of my time at a family-owned Italian grocery store. Have you been?

It's called Glorioso's, and it's the cutest little shop. They've been around for more than 70 years and have everything from fresh pasta to endless cheeses and homemade desserts! The family is always around and the Italian heritage and traditions show through.

I could spend hours in that little store because it's so homey. You can go to Glorioso's to grab stuff for dinner and prepare it, or you can stop by the deli and get something ready-to-eat for lunch and eat it at the store!

I love the fact that they've opened Appetito, as well. You can be a part of their Italian family and learn how to make classic Italian dishes. I'm hoping to try a class very soon!

My go-tos while shopping at Glorioso's include the wild mushroom ravioli with their jarred alfredo sauce followed by a tuxedo cake from the bakery area. I often get Adam some of their stuffed olives (his favorite).

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