Shan's Got a New Podcast

Elyse Myers. Jenna Marbles. Jake Paul. Charlie D'Amelio. These are just a few names that you might recognize or relate to and how did you find them? Social media.

With the rise of TikTok, Instagram and increased popularity of YouTube, Influencer Marketing is in full-force. What does that mean? Companies are reaching out to these "high-profile" social media celebs to market their products because they're relatable, and let's face it - they're already online, so when someone recommends them to a link, it's easy access.

Have you ever looked at a person's follower count and wonder - how? Just how? Yeah, me, too. I could never figure out how to make it work without dedicating hours of work to it, and you'll find out quickly: that's exactly what you have to do. Believe it or not, being a Content Creator is a full-time job. Consider it as another form of entertainment. I'm on the radio for a living, and some people see it as, "I talk for a living." Is that a real job? There are quite a few folks that assume I'm done with my day at 10AM. However, there's so much more work surrounding the "on-air" portion of my job.

Because Influencer Marketing is still new in 2022 and is ever-changing with new social platforms, I thought it'd be interesting to dive in and find out just how people are making a living from it. We use social media for a hobby, influencers use social media for their livelihood. How do you even get into something like that?

Starting Monday, April 4th, I'll be releasing a podcast with some of these social media superstars. We'll find out how popular content creators make a career out of social media, what business is like behind-the-scenes of posting photos and making videos, how much free stuff they get, if they really take these exotic trips all year-round, etc...

Who knows? Maybe you'll be intrigued enough to give it a go as a side hustle! Or, maybe you'll learn something new about one of your favorite personalities. We'll find out soon.

Introducing: Club Verified.

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