How You Can Help the People of Ukraine

If you've been following the David and Goliath story of Russia invading Ukraine, you've seen the complete bravery and perseverance of Ukrainian government and civilians. I (Shan) have been glued to coverage all weekend long...whether that's been TV, social media, news outlets' websites, etc... A lot of my time has been spent on TikTok (yes - be careful when you're looking for news on social media) to find videos of Ukrainians explaining what their family is doing to survive and/or fight.

And then you have those video clips showing up on TV news that completely break your heart. One that caught my eye this weekend was a pre-teen guiding her three year-old brother to safety as they crossed the Poland border. She mentioned that her parents told her to walk, and they would catch up with them when things settle down. While I'd like to assume this girl believes that her parents' word is good, Ukrainian children have gone through so much over the past few days, and she probably realizes that she will never see either of her parents again.

With that being said, if you're looking for ways to help, below are a few places that you can donate to. Most of them are to help refugees that have escaped to Poland or other countries because there's not much you can do for actual Ukraine that they'll have access to right now:

Save the Children - This organization helps deliver aid to Ukrainian children and children on the world, but right now - it's focusing on those who are forced to flee.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) - This organization aims to provide emergency assistance - specifically cash assistance right now - to families in Ukraine.

Razom for Ukraine - Razom (meaning "together" in Ukrainian) focuses on getting medical supplies for critical situations, such as blood loss

Care and People in Need - Care and People in Need have teamed up to create an emergency fund to help those fleeing Ukraine - specifically women and children.

Sunflower of Peace - The goal of this organization is to help Ukrainian orphans and internally displaced people.

National Bank of Ukraine - The National Bank of Ukraine has created a fund to help support armed forces and will be received immediately.

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