Your Next Theme Party: Death Row Dinner

You've heard of "friendsgiving," but have you ever heard of "Death Row Dinner?" There's a rising country artist (Hannah Ellis) who came up with the idea to host a party - and this girl goes ALL OUT - where guests bring a dish that they'd love to eat as part of their very last meal. Yeah, it might sound a little morbid, but think about it: a night full of the most delicious things you could ever eat? A gluttonous dream.

Shannen presented this idea to the guys and asked what their answers would be. For her, it'd be her mom's roast beef sandwiches with homemade chip dip. Maybe throw in an old-fashioned dirt cake (topped with gummy worms, obviously). Yes...we know she's vegetarian, but if it's one night out of the year (or your last dinner), she'll deal with the stomach ache to follow. Scott said his would definitely include some form of wings, and as far as Ridder goes, we know he's all about a pork belly taco.

We loved hearing some of your answers, too! Listeners chimed in with slow smoked brisket, chicken and dumplings, blue cheese mashed potatoes and more. The best part about this is that Hannah usually goes all out with the theme, including decorations and a menu. Here's an example of a menu she's done in the past:

And of course, the music you have to check out:

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