Shan's Festive Holiday Drink

I (Shan) hosted Thanksgiving with my husband this past weekend, and I feel like at the forefront of every holiday dinner is a festive drink. I had a ton of cranberries leftover from the stuffing I made, and I had rosemary left from the turkey, so I quickly went to Pinterest and searched for those two things plus "drink," and I found this recipe.

Now, I'm not usually a moscow mule person because ginger beer is a little strong for me, but this recipe mentioned using ginger ale instead. I actually ended up using ginger beer and still liked it! I made a few alterations to the recipe, so here's how I made it:

Muddle one or two sprigs of rosemary.
Put your ice in.
Measure four shots of Cranberry Juice.
Two shots of Vodka.
Fill the rest of your cup with ginger beer.
Squeeze a lime wedge and drop that in. Mix it all together and add some crushed or whole cranberries.

It's a very pretty drink for the gram, too!

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