PICS: Shan Designed Her CMA Dress!

I knew once we were nominated for the CMA that we had a pretty good chance at winning this year. I felt it in my bones for some reason, and I was very hopeful. We found out that we were nominated sometime in August or September, so I decided to start looking at dresses because I'm very picky when it comes to clothes - especially "dresses" because I'm not the girliest person. With that being said, I also spent my freshman year of college at UW-Madison with a Textile and Apparel Design major. I liked designing clothes because I had control of how girly things could be, and most of the time - I designed with myself in mind.

I had this concept in my head that if we ever won a CMA award, it would be cool to design my own dress (I had also planned on doing this with my wedding dress, but I ended up finding one at Eva's Bridal in Oak Creek). The day we got the call from Carly Pearce that we had actually WON the CMA Award, and we would be going to the show, I sketched something before we got off the air. I had less than three weeks to turn my sketch into something realistic, and I didn't have much time, and my sewing skills are not what they used to be. With the help of some friends, I was directed to Becky's Custom Sewing & Design in Bay View. I was putting all of my eggs into one basket in terms of time and money, but as soon as I went to my initial meeting with Becky the same day we got the call, I felt confident she would be able to help me.

She did more than that. Becky and her team made this dress-turned-romper into the perfect ensemble, and she did it extremely quick. After my first fitting, I couldn't find a thing I didn't like about the dress. For the first time, a sketch that I had created was turning out like I planned without any bumps in the road. I will definitely be going back to Becky for more projects and any alterations I need because she was amazing to work with and so very sweet. I was actually a little sad when my dress was done because I had a blast working with her! But, like I said - I'll be back!

Below are the pictures of my initial sketch, first fitting, Becky and myself and how everything turned out!

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