Shan's Been Working a Second Job...

If you missed it this morning, I've been living a "double life" since April! We haven't talked about it on-air much because I didn't necessarily want people to recognize me while I was working a second job; although, a few listeners did recognize me, and I had so much fun chatting with them! Long story short - I've been serving at a restaurant called ParkSide 23. The reason we told you about it today is because today's my last day (insert sad face here).

To be honest, I didn't want to quit because this place is phenomenal. The people who work there have instantly become my friends because they're all so friendly. The food is amazing (it's a farm-to-table restaurant!), and it's good cash! I needed a second job to make some extra cash, but unfortunately, my schedule has become too much for me to handle, so I need to drop something.

I was faced with a decision that I really didn't want to make, and with the constant encouragement of my husband, I decided to get more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night and drop something. It was hard working a "second job" for so long with the hours I already work. Between the Admirals season starting (as a game host), nights and weekends gearing back up for my radio job and being at the restaurant until 10:30PM on week nights, I was working double shifts pretty much every night of the week between the oddball things that I do.

This was my first serving job, and I'd go back in a heartbeat. If you've never heard of ParkSide before, it's at Pilgrim and North in Brookfield. It was the old "Sticks and Stones," and from what I've come to realize, is a hidden gem. I never really wanted to serve because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the hours, but since my husband started working there during the pandemic, I would go often and got to know a lot of the workers. When I started looking at Bev Cart girl jobs at a golf course, one of the managers at ParkSide had encouraged me to just try working there, and they have been so gracious with my schedule.

If you can't tell, I'm really upset to be leaving and hope I can pick up shifts or go back there some day. ANYWAYS. They're always hiring. And they're awesome. Click here for that link. And they're food is SO GOOD. Try the Fried Amish Chicken. The fish fry is what made me want to work there. Their Caesar Salad is probably my favorite of all time. And Quinn is a big advocate for their cornbread muffins. There is literally something for everyone - specifically certain allergies, as well.

I'll stop raving, but if you need a job...apply. If you don't need a And chances are, you'll see me there at the bar a few times (lol).

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